Waco Fire Station No. 6 & Administration Building

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Location: Waco, TX Client: City of Waco Category: Civic Scope: New Construction Services: Architecture / Interior Design

Previously occupying the site selected for the new Fire Station No. 6 and Administration Building, the 25th Street Theatre had long been a centerpiece and community icon in an established central Waco neighborhood. In purchasing the abandoned landmark in 2018, the city faced a complex challenge. The potential loss of this iconic building weighed heavily on the community, and garnering neighborhood and city-wide buy-in was critically important. To best accommodate the unique needs of the fire department and fire administration portions of the program, the project was ultimately split into two structures. The fire administration takes the place of the small retail that used to sit alongside the theater. Convenient connection between the two buildings is provided via a covered walkway in a secured portion of the site, and the two buildings share common parking.

Following community meetings, the owner prioritized keeping the image of the old theater alive. As a result, the original art deco themes have been carried forward throughout the project, while the original recognizable building marquee has been completely restored and is the only physically surviving element from the original theatre. Today, RBDR is proud of how the community has rallied behind and supported this facility.